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Hymn of the Russian Federation (Gimn Rossiyskoy Federatsii)

O Russia, for ever you're strong sacred country!
O Russia, for ever the land that we love!
The glory that's great and the will that is mighty -
So be they thy virtue for ages to come.

Praised be the Fatherland, cherishing home of ours -
Cent'ries-old union of peoples in free,
Popular wisdom given us by forefathers.
Praised be our country! And we're proud of thee!

From seas in the South and up to polar border
Our woods and our meadows have stretched far away.
Alone in the whole world, you stand one and only!
By God saved as ever our dear native land.


For generous dreaming, for living and longing
The years approaching give us ample scope.
With faith in our Homeland we are getting stronger.
It was so, it is so and it will be so!


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