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Who owned the Titanic?

The Titanic was directly owned and operated by the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company – popularly known as the "White Star" line because of the white star appearing on the company’s house flag.
The White Star flag was first flown about 1850 in an attempt to capitalize on the gold rush trade to Australia.
The line was eventually purchased by Thomas Ismay who reorganized the company in 1869.
By 1902, White Star was no longer an independent company. The line was purchased and became a wholly owned subsidiary of the International Navigation Co (Ltd.) of England, which in turn was owned by the International Mercantile Marine Co. of New Jersey – all under the control of industrial giant J. P. Morgan.
At the time of Titanic’s loss, White Star had a fleet of ships operating between the United Kingdom and Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States.

Where did the name "RMS Titanic" come from and what does it mean?

"RMS" means "Royal Mail Ship". (Some say "steamer.")
This title shows that the Titanic had a charter from the British government to carry British (i.e., the royal) Mail.
Occasionally the prefix HMS (His Majesty’s Ship) is seen in print, but that usage is incorrect since H.M.S. is reserved for British war ships.
The names "Olympic", "Titanic", and "Gigantic" come from Greek mythology.
The ancient Greeks believed that the universe created the gods, not the other way around.
The earliest generation of gods created by mother earth was the Titans.
They were attacked and defeated by their children, and the new ruling circle of gods made their home on Mount Olympus.
During this war, the race of Giants came to the defense of the Titans, but was killed off in the course of battle.

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